How to Maintain a DTF Printer?

How to Maintain a DTF Printer?


DTF printers are the preferred printing products of many home users, and daily maintenance is very important. So how should you maintain your DTF printer? Read on to learn more.

How to Maintain a DTF Printer?
DTF printer
With the progress of the times, fabric printers have become indispensable auxiliary tools for people to work at home. If the printer wants to play a better role, daily maintenance and maintenance must be indispensable. DTF printers are the preferred printing products of many home users, and daily maintenance is very important. So how should you maintain your DTF printer? Read on to learn more.

Get into the Good Habit of Shutting Down

The panels of household DTF printers are generally very simple, generally, only have one or two buttons, and some even have none. The functions of these buttons are nothing more than turning on and off the power and starting the printing self-test procedure. After using it for a long time, many users start to be lazy, often too lazy to press the power button to turn off the printer, directly unplug the power plug, or turn off the power cable switch.

As everyone knows, doing so is often harmful. Because after we shut it down normally, the T-shirt printer will automatically reset the print head and put a "cap" on the ink cartridge to prevent the ink from evaporating. With "forced" shutdown methods such as pulling out the power plug, the print head is often too late to reset, and the top cannot cover the ink cartridge. Therefore, it is easy to cause the positioning failure of the nozzle, the ink is also easy to volatilize, and the viscous ink may block the nozzle. As a result, the life of the ink cartridges decreases, and the chances of printer failure increase. Therefore, we must develop the correct shutdown habit.

Ink Cartridge Storage Tips

In a direct-jet printer, ink cartridges are the most important consumables. If you want to reduce printing costs, start with ink cartridges. Since most home users do not use DTF printers frequently, and the printing volume at one time is not large, the digital printing machine is always used for a period of time, and then idle for a period of time. 

How to effectively save opened ink cartridges? When unpacking a new ink cartridge, carefully remove the plastic cover to keep the outer packaging of the ink cartridge intact. In this way, when the ink cartridge is not used temporarily, we put it back into the plastic box and seal the opened plastic cover with double-sided tape to ensure that the ink cartridge is isolated from the outside world.

Do Not Clean the Print Head Frequently

Some models of DTF will provide the option of cleaning the nozzle in the driver software, which can realize scheduled cleaning, manual cleaning, or pre-printing cleaning, and other operations. Although the printing effect can be improved after cleaning the nozzle, cleaning the nozzle consumes a lot of ink. We can completely set the nozzle cleaning option to manual cleaning, and then perform manual cleaning when the print quality is found to be degraded, which can save precious ink.

In general, the maintenance of DTF printers should be based on prevention! No matter what kind of printer it is, we just need to keep the environment and the printer clean. And try to reduce the number of times to open the front cover, and pay attention to speed up the replacement of ink cartridges/toner. Can achieve the purpose of being "maintenance-free". In addition, clean the inside of the shaker, usually once every 2-3 months. After cleaning, a nozzle test should also be performed to see if the printer is functioning properly.

The above briefly introduces the maintenance precautions of DTF printers. If you want to know more or buy DTF printers, please contact us.

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