Hot Melt Powder Knowledge Summary

Hot Melt Powder Knowledge Summary


The melting point of hot melt powder for clothing is generally around 110 degrees Celsius. This temperature will melt the powder from granules to gel. Read on to learn more.

Hot Melt Powder Knowledge Summary
Hot melt powder for clothing generally refers to TPU polyurethane adhesives. The melting point is generally around 110 degrees Celsius. This temperature will melt the powder from granules to gel.

The Difference Between Traditional Hot Melt Powder and Digital Thermal Transfer Powder:

1. Traditional thermal transfer printing does not need to be melted into digital thermal transfer printing. The main reason is that the ink used in traditional thermal transfer printing does not contain so much glycerin and moisture, while digital thermal transfer printing needs to be fully dry, otherwise it will return oil.

2. The traditional hot-melt powder particles are relatively large, that is, the coarse powder in the current digital thermal transfer powder is about 120-250 microns. Generally, medium powder and fine powder are used for digital thermal transfer powder particles. The fine powder particles are generally 80-160 microns, and the medium powder particle size is 100-200 microns. The larger the particle size, the better the fastness, and the hand feels very hard.

3. The ingredients are slightly different. You can choose traditional thermal transfer powder, and add powders of different components according to needs to achieve different fastness, feel, and tension; digital thermal transfer powder is mainly high-purity tpu powder, pure tpu powder comprehensively speaking, feel, and fastness, The pulling force is relatively average, which meets the needs of most scenes. 

Some mixed powders on the market are used for thermal transfer printing to reduce costs or achieve specific effects, but there are problems to varying degrees, such as poor hand fastness, poor hiding power, and easy leakage. Powdered, or mixed with other cheap products in powdered form, it will be hard to the touch and prone to cracking.

How to Distinguish the Quality of Hot Melt Powder:

1. Look at the color. The higher the color transparency and whiteness, the better, indicating the better the purity. If it turns yellow and gray, it may be powder returning or mixed powder. It feels bad, is easy to break, and has large pores.

2. Look at the surface smoothness after drying. The better the flatness, the purer the pull, the better.

3. Look at the degree of adhesion during printing. The more viscous the powder, the poorer the quality of the powder. It will be damp or returned to the furnace or there will be a lot of miscellaneous powder.

4. After hot stamping, rub hard to see the rebound, the rebound is faster, the purity is a priority, and the purity is high.

The above briefly introduces some basic information about hot melt powder. If you want to buy hot melt powder or inkjet printers and consumables, please contact us.

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