5 Tips to Keep Your Sublimation Printers Running Smoothly

5 Tips to Keep Your Sublimation Printers Running Smoothly


Sublimation printers come in a variety of sizes and features, so make sure you read the user manual to eliminate any problems with sublimation printing before you do it. Here are 5 maintenance tips to keep your dye-sublimation printer running smoothly.

5 Tips to Keep Your Sublimation Printers Running Smoothly
Sublimation printers come in a variety of sizes and functions, depending on industrial or home production purposes. However, sublimation inks are chemically different. Although the ink works well, the printer does not know the properties of the ink. So you can't expect the printer to do it automatically, especially the maintenance of the ink cartridges. 

Therefore make sure you have read the user manual to eliminate any dye-sublimation printing problems. Here are 5 maintenance tips to keep your dye-sublimation printer running smoothly:

1. Regularly clean the nozzle:

Printhead clogging is a common problem with all dye-sublimation printers and models. Therefore, the most important aspect is to keep the print head clean.

If you print regularly, you can easily clean the print head by letting the ink flow through the nozzle head.

Clogging of the print head:

The most common problem due to print head blockage is the appearance of stripes on the print image. Also, due to the low amount of ink in the ink cartridge, you may find the same problem. Therefore, check regularly to prevent magnetic head blockage.

Operation after print head cleaning:

After performing print head cleaning, check the print pattern to confirm that the problem is resolved. If not, repeat the same printhead cleaning procedure to remove clogged ink from the nozzle heads.

2. Prevent the waste of ink in the sublimation printing machine:

Maintenance of a dye-sublimation printer can lead to excessive waste of ink. When cleaning the machine every day, you need to use a certain amount of ink. As we discussed above, a jet of ink is used to clean the nozzle tip. So you can keep a separate storage container or built-in container. You need to take the necessary steps to manage ink waste.

3. The effect of temperature on sublimation ink:

Sublimation inks require a certain temperature and humidity specifications for proper and dry storage. The recommended storage temperature range for sublimation ink is 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be greater than 35%.

However, too much humidity can cause moisture to accumulate on the transfer paper and substrate. When the transfer paper or substrate comes into contact with the heat press, it will turn moisture into steam, which will affect the image quality after sublimation. Therefore, you must maintain the proper temperature and humidity in your workshop using an exhaust fan or any room humidity controller.

4. Keep the workshop clean:

Try to keep your workshop clean and dust-free - take all precautions to keep your transfer paper clean, especially during printing.

If any dust or moisture gets on the transfer paper, it will affect the print quality and you will get low quality, dull images, and in extreme cases blurred images. Once the transfer paper falls on the floor and gets dusty, it can no longer be printed.

However, mistakes can occur when the transfer paper is accidentally dropped on the floor and soiled. For this, you have to put some cover or container to hold the transfer paper and prevent it from coming into contact with the floor.

5. Use refillable cartridges:

If you are using refillable cartridges, you should be very careful when refilling them.

Dust: When dust gets into the cartridge, everything goes bad. In addition to poor print quality, it can also cause blockage and damage to the ink supply system of the dye-sublimation printer.

Air Bubbles: You can prevent dust from getting into the ink cartridges, but air bubbles can cause serious problems when you manually refill the ink cartridges.

The best way to prevent air bubbles is to fill the ink in small amounts and shake it to settle and remove any air bubbles or air bubbles.


Finally, you must perform regular maintenance on your dye sublimation printer by following the common problems.

Also, if you have a modern dye sublimation press, it will be easier to maintain if it is equipped with automatic cleaning.

In conclusion, if you don't print regularly, the common problem of a clogged printhead must be addressed. With regular maintenance, your sublimation printer runs smoothly and maintains good print quality. If you are planning to buy the latest dye sublimation printer, welcome to contact us.

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